Balkans’ Spatial Perspective is a new Platform that aims to discuss the spatial perspective of the Western Balkan Region. The Platform invites students and young academics to reflect on the issue of the territorial development and spatial transformation by exploring its different perspectives, such as spatial planning theory and practice, architecture and urban design and socio spatial transformations.


For a long time, the Western Balkan Region has been left at the margin of the European debate on spatial planning transformations. This became particularly relevant in the 1990s, when comprehensive pan-European researchers developed an interesting debate on the situation of space. Since the 1990s, there is still present a lack of external interests, where regional fragmentation of academic arenas and the exclusion of young academics and experts from the main public debate is contributing to the existing gap of knowledge on the processes of Western Balkan Region socio spatial development, or their effects. The Platform aims to overcome this historical impasse, promoting the question of the Balkan’s spatial planning transformation within the European debate, improving common scientific and political arenas in which young academics and experts will be expected to be part of.


The journal is expected to be a reference point for those interested in developing a different scientific discourse, and promoting a more proactive approach in the dissemination of knowledge. The main objective is to be a free, scientific platform which promotes a stimulating and vibrant debate about the spatial perspective in the Western Balkan Region. The Platform recognizes the important role which students, young academics and experts have in this context. The idea is to publish contributions emerging from young academics in their early academic research activity, doctoral students engaged in their research field, and bachelor and master’s students who are warmly invited to present work from their dissertation studies. Moreover, the Platform welcomes young practitioners and experts daily involved in spatial transformation processes. Special attention will be given to the work which promotes innovative methodological approaches to challenge the content and potential impacts within the existing academic and practitioner debate. Eligible manuscript proposals may come from over the world: the criterion is to fit the question of the spatial perspective of the Western Balkan Region.

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