Reportage and Narrations from the Balkans

The Balkans Spatial Perspective platform invites authors, from amateurs to established artists, to send small reportage, photo-projects or single images and a brief essay, that will be included in the first monograph publication of BSP. The publication covers themes regarding the spatial dimension: from architecture to landscape we aim to narrate changes and new challenges within societies, territories and cities of the western balkan region. If you want to know more about the topics just read the Call for Papers main themesPhotos and texts must be original and owned by the authors, feel free to express your point of view. The issue is expected to be released in July 2018 both as hard and digital copies with an ISBN code.

Aim of the BSP platform is to discuss the spatial perspective of the Western Balkan Region. The monograph collects articles from students and young academics regarding the arguments of territorial development and spatial transformation by exploring different topics, such as spatial planning theory and practice, architecture and urban design and socio spatial transformations. The editorial work is expected to be a reference point for those interested in developing a different scientific discourse, and promoting a more proactive approach in the dissemination of knowledge.


– May 15th 2018
Deadline for submission
– May 21th 2018
Announcement of the selected entries
– May 28st 2018
Deadline for the submission, from the seleceted authors, of high quality phtographies


* The BSP call for entries is open to everyone with no limits
* B/W and color photographies are eligible
* 6 (min.) to 8 (max.) photos

A] A3 photo page

For the selection of entries we need one A3 page with the preview in low quality of your photos in .Pdf or .jpg
Remember to number every single photo (max. 8 entries)

Name the file as Authors surname+name_A3.pdf/.jpg
[e.g. greenmarta_A3.pdf]

B ] Author Declaration Document
file format *.docx
In order to apply correctly you need to fill the Author Declaration Document (ADD) and to sign it
The ADD contents you must submit are
· Author/s Data
· Bio [120 words max.]
· Text [300 words max.]
· Numbered photos captions (numbered coherently with the A3 document) with Place and Year of the photo
· Grant for License signed [Remember to sign the document!]

Name the file as authorsurname+name_PH.docx
[e.g. brownjohn_B.docx]
If more than one author please use the surname+name of the Contact Person


B – Authors Declaration Document
A – A3 with photographies

When ready send us a unique*zip file (not exceed 5 Mb)
named as: authorsurname+name_photo.zip  [e.g. brownjohn_photo.zip]
If more than one author please use the Corresponding Author surname+name
at staff@bspjournal.eu


↓ Download the Author Declaration Document

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