KHÔRA laboratory for becoming places is a group, shared goals, different skills, various experiences and ongoing training spread around Europe.

KHÔRA laboratory defends the free association, the work, the exploration of reality and imagination, the aesthetics of the beautiful and the ugly, the research and the multidisciplinarity.

KHÔRA laboratory acts in a flexibly way, through the shape of the project, clearly speaking the different languages of design.

KHÔRA laboratory is group mind reflecting on the land use, on the reuse of spaces, objects and knowledge, on restoration, on new forms of economy, on the current meaning of the word community, society and the common good.

KHÔRA laboratory is research, workshop, art, craft and forge.

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Erblin Berisha

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PhD Erblin Berisha, Research Fellow at DIST. He graduated in Architecture at University of Ferrara with master thesis focus on the progressive territories and places in the informal context. He specialized in Green and Suinstanable Planning and he worked as an expert in assessment plans and projects (EIA, SEA).

His interest and research activities focuses on Evolution of Spatial planning in Western Balkans Region.

Thomas Malaguti

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Architect. In 2015 he co-fonded the laboratory for becoming places KHÔRA laboratory. In 2014 he graduated at University of Ferrara with a Master degree thesis on physical, economical and relational reconstruction strategies in the context of post-earthquake in Emilia: “RIZOMA | Other economy for Emilia after the earthquake”. Still he works for the reconstruction.

He is editor and graphic designer for the independent magazine MUMBLE:.

Luca Pinnavaia

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Student at the postgraduate course in Urban Regeneration and Social Innovation at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV).

He graduated in Architecture at the University of Ferrara with a master degree thesis entitled “Progressive territories and places. Kenëta: transformation in an informal settlement. Durrës, Albania” and afterwards he specialized in Journalism and Institutional Communication of Science at the University of Ferrara

Daniele Steffan

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Architect, he’s employed as independent contractor and he collaborates with a studio in Province of Treviso, where he’s listed at Register of Architects since 2016.

He has graduated to the University of Ferrara in 2012 with a master degree thesis entitled “Progressive territories and places. Kenëta: transformation in an informal settlement. Durrës, Albania” with Erblin Berisha and Luca Pinnavaia.


Valentina Aversa / / Grottaglie
Francesca Babbi / / Imola
Arianna Balboni / / London
Laëtitia Huber / / Vittorio Veneto
Vita Lorusso / / Altamura
Marco Marchini / / Nantes

Gianluca Savio / / Nantes
Saimir Shtylla / / Tiranë
Elisenda Rosàs Tosas / baumaarquitectura@gmailBAUMA / Tarragona
Francesca Piacentini / / Verona
Lisa Pellati / / Fiorano modenese
Ivana Cucca/ / Nuoro